Episode 10 - The Quiz Part 1

Broken Chair Scores Episode 10 is THE QUIZ! We had to split it in two parts because SOMEONE needed to go to the toilet and thus there was a cut in the flow of the show anyway. So this is part 1 and obviously I am not going to mention any of the tracks that are going to be played in the show since this would ruin the quiz-along experience for you! Instead you get the rules of the game that we basically stuck to. The pictures above show our super sophisticated audio setup (notice the 2 laptops and 2 sets of speakers to make sure that there is no cheating) as well as our bulletproof and comprehensible census system.

1. each host can choose from the 18 soundtracks presented so far
2. tracks that can be played are either ones which have already been played as well as others from the same album which sound similar to the stuff presented
3. the other person has to guess at least the album, bonus points can be earned by guessing track title and composer
4. we can chose from the stuff we played as well as from the material the other person played on the show
5. 5 tracks or 20 mins per person as usual BUT keep 2-3 backup tracks in the backpocket in case we choose the same stuff by accident
6. no access to any documents during the show besides THIS list and your tracklist
7. the tracklist may only contain the name of the track and the name of the album but NOT the name of the composer otherwise the bonus points for guessing the composer don’t make any sense

currently awaiting resubmission, please bare with us

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