Episode 13 - Clean Version (Fixed)

The legendary and formerly broken Broken Chair Scores Episode 13. This was the one that 2 years ago when it was initially released had the stupid cellphone interference ziggiziggiziggi-sounds that kept stabbing your eardrums. Good news though! I completely remastered it and removed most of the more heavy ziggiziggiziggis. (Some minor distortions had to remain since we say important things like track titles or make stupid jokes simultaneously.) This process also took about half an hour of length from the recording which actually seems to not harm the overall experience too much. Maybe I'll do that more often in the future.
Anyway, we've got one film soundtrack and one game soundtrack for you. This time it's the soundtrack to the Bethesda game "Wolfenstein - The New Order " written by Michael John Gordon as well as the soundtrack to the original video animation anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team" composed by Kohei Tanaka.



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