Episode 18 - aka Midi Madness

This is episode 18 which is basically our glorious comeback (again) into a more constant rhythm. Let's see how that goes.
Anyway we present to you this time the Ludwig Göransson score to the 2015 Film Creed by Ryan Coogler as well as something very special. Do you remember episode 12? (Sure you do, silly old me). Well this was the one where we presented two different versions of the Castlevania 3 soundtrack. This time Krazy Kaptain Khalid does something similar. Here he is himself describing what happened:
"So, I more or less glued two mp3 files together, so that they appear as one and I just have to run that one file instead of two. In the beginning of those "combined" files we hear for about the first minute, the version that probably most of PC players in the early 90s heard at home with their Sound Blaster cards, the Ad-Lib or OPL2 version. The second part is the more sophisticated version with the more expensive Roland MT32 General MIDI Synthesizer. If you're interested in that kinda stuff, you should totally check out the youtube channel by "8bit Keys". Great guy, great videos, fun to watch."
He does that with tracks from the 1990 Chris Roberts PC game Wing Commander which were written by George Alistair Sanger aka "The Fat Man".


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